Cheque overhandiging Fighters Against Cancer

Fighters Against Cancer was founded six years ago by Bert Vanmechelen, counselor at law and chairman of Thai and Mix Fight Club “Death Row”. Initially, the crew was gathered to participate in Relay for Life, a well-known Belgian charity run. Afterwards, this became the spring board for the organisation that Fighters against Cancer is today.

FAC is a team of national and international combat fighters and their loyal fan base that have made a long-term commitment to fight for the smallest among us by raising awareness, providing funding and consistently believing in the possibility that together we can out-box childhood cancer. In 2014 and 2015 the joint effort raised an incredible € 50,000 which was donated entirely to the Belgian Foundation against Cancer, the only national organisation that fights cancer in Belgium.

In 2016 Fighters Against Cancer became a non-profit foundation and started hosting their own charity event in Sint-Truiden, their hometown. An impressive € 32,000 was donated to Ons Steentje, a non-profit organisation that makes a real and immediate difference when it comes to supporting families confronted with childhood disease.

In 2017, the event was organised in Landen, a nearby city. This event was the 'Fight of the Year' for TUKI, also a non-subsidized non-profit organisation that is committed to financially, administratively, legally, practically and emotionally supporting parents of children with life-threatening diseases.

In 2018 Fighters against Cancer was proud to donate the staggering amount of € 60,166 to KickCancer, an organisation raising money for new, better, kinder treatments for children and young people facing cancer. KickCancer strongly believes that that research should not leave childhood cancer behind and that children should have access to tailored treatments, which are more innovative and less aggressive for their growing bodies. The foundation also strives for new laws and regulations that make research into childhood cancer more financially attractive and less risky.

As well as gathering as much funding as we can get in as many ways as possible, Fighters Against Cancer specifically want to mobilise combat fighters for a good cause to eliminate the unjustified tarnished reputation of martial arts sports.

Let it be understood that everyone is welcome in our team and not only those who practice kickboxing or other combat sports.

Fighters Against Cancer wants to prove that fighters have their hearts in the right place and will never, in any way, discriminate based on race, nationality, religion or gender (disease doesn't discriminate either). Real fighters speak a universal language and have the same universal values such as respect, perseverance, dedication, power and honor wherever they are in the world. Unfortunately, these values seem to be deteriorating in today’s society.