FAC Cause 2021

A new project that we want to realize together with and in the Sint-Trudo Hospital at Sint-Truiden.

The onco- and palliative team regularly hears that patients miss their pet during their often long-term hospitalization.

Currently there is little to no possibility for patients to have contact with their pet. However, it has been scientifically proven that this can have a positive influence on recovery and emotional experience.
In addition, palliative patients attach great importance to being able to say goodbye to their beloved pet, who has often assisted them in their journey.

That is why we have conceived the plan to provide a separate, furnished, heated room where a meeting between patient and pet can take place.

In concrete terms, we see this as a kind of 'outdoor living' in the courtyard of the hospital. We want to provide that bedridden patients can also be brought there quickly and can enjoy a different, yet safe, environment than their hospital room.

This project seems to us to be of great added value for patients, not only for the oncology department, but also for geriatrics, paediatrics, rehabilitation, etc.

Fighters AGAINST Cancer is going to support this project financially!