About Fighters Against Cancer

In 2015 Fighters Against Cancer was founded to participate in Relay for Life, a well-known Belgian charity run.

As well as gathering funding in as many ways as possible, we want to mobilize as many combat fighters as we can to eliminate the unjustified tarnished reputation of martial arts sports.

Let it be understood that EVERYONE is welcome in our team, not just those who practice kickboxing or other combat sports.
Fighters Against Cancer wants to prove that fighters have their hearts in the right place, regardless of race, nationality or religion...

all for ONE for all

In addition to collecting as much funds as possible through various channels, Fighters Against Cancer especially want to mobilize as many Fighters as possible and get rid of the unjustified negative image that often hangs around martial arts….

Real FIGHTERS  have a universal language with values ​​such as Respect, Perseverance, Strength and Honour, no matter where in the world…